The essays that follow are imperfect in many ways and as I re-read them and decide one or another argument isn’t up to snuff, I will ditch it and revise. Be aware that what you read here now may not be what you will find here next month, or next year, as my thinking evolves and as I take account of criticisms and objections.

All of the essays are peppered with notes. Too many? Perhaps. They certainly don’t add to readablity. However, the prostitution debate more than any other I know is larded with specious claims of fact, recklessly made, and widely believed. It is important, thus, to make clear where claims come from. I have elected to err on the side of comprehensiveness. Moreover, I use the endnotes to make extended comments or develop arguments that would otherwise interrupt the narrative flow of the main text.

A large number of citations are to foreign language documents. Eventually I will include in the citations the untranslated passages I rely on. This is a laborious task and will take time. All the translations in the text or notes are mine unless otherwise noted.

Many citations in the notes refer to online locations. However, URLs often go dead. Documents get moved to new servers and their locations get renamed. This problem of dead URLs can be largely obviated by a simple device: Google the full name of the document cited. You’ll almost invariably find it.